Cabernet Day – 9/2/10

Last Thursday 9/2 was worldwide Cabernet Day on social media sites hosted by Rick Bakas. It was an amazing day where people all over the world joined on social media sites, namely Twitter and talked about the various Cabernets they were drinking by using the #Cabernet hashtag.  Many new friends were made and the discussions going on, on the various Cabernets being shared all over the world was immensely exciting to me.

Many people chose to sample several different Cabernets while others went with one. I also found that many people were tweeting about their Cabernet from various tasting parties and Tweet-Ups all over the world. I chose to stay at home and tweet from the comfort of my living room. For this very special day, I had two selections chosen:  A 2008 L.A. Cetto Cabernet from Baja California and my trusty favorite, a 2007 Cuvaison Brandlin Cabernet.

I have to admit, I have never tried wine from Baja California so naturally, I was anxious to give the L.A. Cetto cabernet a try. It was given to me as a gift. I had a certain degree of skepticism, probably because Baja California is not exactly noted for their wine production.  The wine had a pale cherry color. On the nose, there were hints of chocolate, jammy fruit, and earthiness which was somewhat pleasant. The finish was flat and truly uninspiring. I was disappointed in this wine. I was so excited to try it and I guess I was expecting a bit more. Further research on the wine and information from fellow Twitter friends from the wine community, revealed that their cabernets had mediocre reviews from several different vintages.

I am really happy that I decided to have a back up Cabernet for the evening in case I did not like the first choice. My second Cabernet was a 2007 Cuvaison Brandlin Cabernet. I have had this wine before and it is always a favorite for me. This wine has an absolutely gorgeous, fragrant nose of flowers, cassis, and licorice. The powerful nose of this wine is always a pleasure for me. On the palate, it had flavors of mocha, chocolate, and dark fruit flavors with an absolutely stunning, elegant finish. This is one of the Grace Kelly’s of Cabernets.

I had such great fun tweeting with the wine community that day and learning about all the different cabernets that were enjoyed. I even got some great recommendations for some new ones to try. I am eager to see what the next theme will be. Cheers to Rick Bakas for putting together a successful event!



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2 Responses to Cabernet Day – 9/2/10

  1. Kateolynch says:

    I always feel like the times I’m really expecting something great out of a wine I’m disappointed and having a tried and true favorite around is a good idea. I’ve never heard of the 2007 Cuvaison Brandlin Cabernet, I’ll have to see if I can track it down. Your suggestion of Albarinos was brialliant so I trust that this one would be equally as pleasing! *cheers

    • Trying different wines should be fun. Unfortunately, you won’t always find winners but you will have fun in the process. Every great wine I find is either trial and error or by recommendations from friends who also know their wines. I know Cuvaison makes the Brandlin cab in limited quantities and it’s a little pricier than the average cab but I will say it’s well worth the price. It can be ordered through their website. Their Twitter account manager is also extremely helpful. I really appreciate your feedback and am delighted that you liked my suggestion on the Albariño. Do give Sancerre a try as well because I think you will love that if you like the Albariño. The point of this blog will be to share what, in my opinion, are gems and truly great wines. Salud!

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