Back from a crazy busy 28 hours in San Francisco and Napa

Call me crazy but I just got back from a quick 28 hours in San Francisco and Napa; all booked 2 days before by the way. Sometimes the best trips work out that way. When Beau had told me he was going up for the night for some business, I threw the craziest idea out there and said hey why don’t I tag along. I was half kidding but anyone who knows me well enough knows, I will use ANY excuse I can to get on a plane and if it’s to Wine Country, then you know I am SO there. It was an extremely quick trip but I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I have been tweeting with for a long time and met some new people as well.

We got into San Francisco around noon on Thursday afternoon. As soon as we got the rental car, we went straight to meet Lynn, T.J., and Steve for lunch where we talked about anything from social media to anything wine related. It was a great, albeit quick lunch with some great new friends.

From there we were off to Napa. The drive there was as beautiful as I remembered it. The plan for the evening was to meet up with a bunch of people from the Twitter wine community at Vintank to celebrate International Champagne Day. A great party was hosted there by Paul Mabray. Everyone contributed their favorite bottles of bubby for all to share. I had a chance to meet several people I had already been tweeting with for a long time. That was definitely a highlight of the evening. We were then off to Bistro Sabor to do some more mingling. I loved the vibe at Bistro Sabor. I have been hearing about it for a long time and glad I finally was able to stop in. For those of you who don’t know, Bistro Sabor is owned by the Ceja family of Ceja Vineyards. They have an incredible menu of traditional Mexican favorites, plus they feature Ceja wines to pair with their dishes. The night quickly came to an end with new friends made and several blisters from walking in stilettos all night; but definitely well worth it!

Friday came way too quickly. In a matter of hours we would have to be on the road back to the airport. So many people we wanted to see and wineries to visit but unfortunately that was not possible. We had a chance to go to Crushpad and visit Cynthia Cosco, maker of Passaggio Wines and speak with her about what she is up to at Crushpad with her winemaking. She is known for making an excellent unoaked chardonnay (look out for a separate blog write up after I have a chance to try it!) and Pinot Gris. After visiting with Cynthia, we only had about an hour left so we went to Flora Springs Winery and did a tasting there of their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, and Cabernet Franc; all excellent wines. I took home a bottle of the Cabernet Franc which we both agreed was excellent. Watch out for a separate blog post on that as well.

Sadly it was time to start the trek back to San Francisco and head back to the airport. It was a very busy, fun-filled 28 hours in San Francisco and Napa. I was thrilled to meet so many amazing people who I had been tweeting with for a long time and taste some amazing wines along the way. I am looking forward to my next trip up to San Francisco and Napa where I will have more time to visit with more friends and visit more wineries.




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One Response to Back from a crazy busy 28 hours in San Francisco and Napa

  1. Ariel Ceja says:

    Hola Monica,
    Thank you so much for stopping into Bistro Sabor! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed our spot and I hope you’re able to return on your next trip out to Napa.


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