Wishing You A Happy New Year From FabOCWineChick!

There is no denying that 2010 has been a great year for me in my fabulous world in wine. 2010 was the year FabOCWine chick was born out of my passion and love of all things wine. I had the pleasure of meeting some great people from the Twitter wine community as well as taste some great new wines. I’ve also done some traveling. I’ve had great conversations with people relating to the wine industry and where it’s headed in the future, as well as how social media plays a signifiant role in the wine industry. We as wine bloggers, have an important role in working with wineries in helping them spread their message about their wines through our blogging and the social media platforms.

I have ambitious plans for not only myself but also FabOCWineChick for 2011. My goal is to keep the content going on a more consistent basis however not simply just wine reviews but also wine industry commentary, and anything humorous and entertaining pertaining to the world of wine. My plan is to get the blog hosted with it’s own private domain and have it redesigned to reflect my personality and taste. If there are specific topics, you want to see on my blog, please let me know. I love writing and blogging so I want to make it entertaining and informative for everyone. I want my blog to be more a conversation between myself and everyone regarding the content I post.

Being the wander-luster that I am, it wouldn’t be a new year for me without some travel plans on the horizon. First up is a trip to Napa/Sonoma and San Francisco that I am hoping to accomplish in the first half of February. My goal is to have a relaxing time visiting with friends and meeting people that I have yet to meet while visiting as many wineries as possible. I also plan on traveling to Virginia in July to attend the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference. This trip is one I am very much looking forward to. I look forward to meeting up with even more people from the wine community, taste some great Virginia wines, and learn a lot of great information. My next trip will be to my beloved Spain where I will visit Barcelona and the Rioja wine country to sample some amazing Spanish wines. If there is time, I would also like to fit in a quick trip to France to visit the Burgundy wine region to sample some of the exquisite wines Burgundy has to offer. I am anticipating this trip to happen later in the fall of 2011. I would love to fit in a trip to Australia and New Zealand to visit the wine regions there however I’m not sure if it will be a possibility for 2011. If not next year then 2012 for sure. Lastly, there will always be the side weekend trips to some of my favorite places like San Diego, Las Vegas, and Santa Barbara to visit friends. With all my trips, good food and wine is a given so there will be many blog posts from my travels.

Lastly, my goal is to meet as many of you as possible whom I have not met in real life yet. I hope to see as many of you as possible in July in Charlottesville, VA at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference and also meet you in my travels.

I wish all of you an absolutely fabulous 2011 filled with good health, love, family, happiness, and amazing wine! I look forward to the new friendships in the new year and spending time with old friends. Cheers!

~Monica (aka FabOCWineChick)


About fabocwinechick

Wine lover and wine blogger and foodie. Passionate about good food and wine, travel, and living life to the fullest.
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4 Responses to Wishing You A Happy New Year From FabOCWineChick!

  1. Julie Lim says:

    Happy Travels Monica! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs on wine!

  2. Andie says:

    Happy New Year FabOCGirl!

    Like most of us, you’ve got lots on your list for 2011 and I hope you get to all your items, especially the travel part. I’m sure you’ll have lots of wine to go with your travels 😉

    Catch you on Twitter.com and all the best for this year!
    Andie @ Citimaven

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