Mollydooker 2009 Carnival Of Love…Love At First Sip

Have you ever tried a wine and have been so captivated by it? Maybe you’ve tried one that has been as memorable as your first kiss. That moment came when I tried Mollydooker’s famed 2009 Carnival of Love for the first time.  After trying it, I fell in love with Shiraz all over again. Some have called the Mollydooker experience hedonistic; I agree 100%. It is one of those experiences in wine that makes you want a cigarette afterward. I also call it undeniably sultry, sexy, sassy, voluptuous, with a bit of attitude…just like Christina Hendricks.

This is not your typical wine. It’s a roller coaster ride for your wine-drinking pleasure. From the first drop to the last, your senses will be teased and you will be left begging for more! This is one of those special wines that you should take the time to experience it completely.

In the glass, the wine has an alluring dark purple color. The nose is extremely complex with scents of blueberry, raspberry, oak, coffee, and a touch of smokiness. The flavors that will dance across your palate are even more complex…I would venture to say even overwhelming, but in a very very good way. Right away you get the flavors of the dark fruits such as blackberry and you get the raspberry flavor as well, however the blackberry dominates. The more complex flavors set in such as licorice, dark chocolate, and spice. The black pepper gives the wine heat and a kick that smacks you upside the ass in a very good way! For a wine with so much complexity going on, it is surprisingly balanced. The finish is very long and begs you to take the next sip. Carnival of Love is an extremely full bodied Shiraz that will tease and taunt at all your senses mercilessly.

Winemakers Sparky and Sarah continue to produce world class wines; all with 90+ ratings. If you are a fan of Australian Shiraz, I HIGHLY recommend this wine. I have had the pleasure of tasting some of their other Shiraz offerings such as Velvet Glove and Blue Eyed Boy which were all exceptional, however Carnival of Love is something very special for me. All of their wines have whimsical labels and each one has a name that is as unique as the next one they produce. The 2009 Carnival of Love retails for $90 and worth every penny in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier it is not your everyday drinking wine. It’s one of those wines you want to pull out for a very special occasion that demands a special, unique experience.

For information on Mollydooker Wines and to order, please visit their website here. They can also be found on Twitter at @mollydookerwine.




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10 Responses to Mollydooker 2009 Carnival Of Love…Love At First Sip

  1. Lynn says:

    Great post! I’m convinced. Going to see if K&L has this in stock, I need to try it. Thanks!

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  3. Krissy Miller says:

    Hey Monica,
    Thank you so very much for this great review. I’d have to agree with you that the 2009 Carnival of Love is one of my all time favorites. Can you believe that Janet says that the 2010 Carnival is even better than the 2009? Hard to imagine! Thanks again for all your support…Keep up the great work!
    Krissy (Marketing Coordinator for Mollydooker)

  4. Sarah Marquis says:

    Hi Monica,
    WOW i just want to run to my wine fridge and pull a bottle out ! I love your write up, it beautifully explains what the Carnival of Love is all about. From the tasting bench too, I can vouch that the 2010 is amazing! We are just finalising the final blend now and it’s YUMMY !
    Kind regards,
    Sarah & Sparky

  5. Great article! I have yet to see anyone not blown away by the Carnival!

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