2008 La Posta Angel Paulucci Vineyard Malbec

A couple weeks ago was a special day for Malbec in the wine drinking world…it was Malbec World Day. It was a day where people from all over the world celebrated Argentina’s most celebrated wine. I had a chance to sample six very different Malbecs at a special Malbec tasting here in Orange County. The tasting also included a special surprise French Malbec, known as a Cahors, which will get a blog post of its own later. Out of the tasting, along with the Cahors, another wine stood out for me and I ended up purchasing some to bring back home with me. One of the ones I purchased was a 2008 La Posta Angel Palucci Vineyard Malbec.

The wine comes from La Posta Wines in Mendoza, Argentina. It is largely imported to the United States by Vine Connections. La Posta Wines is made up of several vineyards:  Angel Paulucci Vineyard, Pizzella Family Vineyard, Cocina Blend, and Estela Armando Vineyard. Now that we know where this wine comes from, let’s get to the important stuff…the wine itself!

The first thing that caught my eye about this wine was its alluring, vibrant ruby red color. The wine has a complex nose of red cherries, raspberries, mocha, pepper, and a hint of flowers. On the palate were lush flavors of blackberries, and dark red cherries. Flavors of mocha, fig, and hints of spice were also present. The wine is rich and fruit forward with a long and spicey finish.

This wine would pair very well with hearty beef dishes or even pork. The wine sells for about $17 a bottle. The average rating for this wine is in the upper 80s/lower 90s which is within the range I would personally put it at (89 points). I would definitely recommend this wine to any Malbec/red wine lover or anyone who wants an introduction to a very good Argentinian Malbec. For the price, this wine is a good value in my opinion.

For more information on La Posta Wines click here and more information on Malbec Word Day can be found here.




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