A Tribute to Grace 2008 Grenache…when wine leaves you speechless

In my opinion, when a wine truly captivates your senses and leaves you speechless, it is indeed a very special wine. Recently, when celebrating my birthday, I had a chance to taste through some different wines and one of the ones I had the opportunity to taste was a 2008 Grenache called A Tribute To Grace. It was one of the most intriguing, unique wines that I have ever tasted…and now one of my favorites! As a blogger, aside from reviewing samples sent to me, it’s kind of a random decision as to which wines I feel compelled to write about from the ones that I purchase. This is one of those wines that is so special, that it deserved to be written about.

The wine has an interesting story behind it. The Grace Wine Company consists of Angela Osborne who moved to California from New Zealand to make Grenache. The grapes are grown at the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard which is located about 30 miles east of Santa Barbara, California. The wine is named after and pays homage to Angela’s grandmother, Grace. The name of the wine was one of the things that I loved so very much. You sort of feel connected to Angela and her love for her grandmother.

Most Grenache that I have tried has been dark purple in color but this Grenache had an absolutely stunning color. It was a gorgeous, visually-pleasing, light ruby color. It almost looked like a Rosé in the glass. In fact, I remember the bottle being held next to a bottle of Rosé and it was very similar in color, though maybe a shade darker. We allowed the bottle to breathe about an hour. As time elapsed layer upon layer of brilliant scents were revealed. The nose is big with ripe raspberry, cherry, and touches of spice. I got a lot of rich fruit on the palate as well as subtle spiciness and bright acidity. For me, the wine finished long with a bit of heat from the spiciness. The wine is smooth, silky, and definitely sexy. I would also say that it is alluring. You can tell the love and care that is put into the wine-making process by Angela.

For some people, like myself, drinking wine is a pleasure but can also be an emotional experience when the wine brings out certain emotions. Drinking A Tribute To Grace was an unforgettable experience. It’s sometimes difficult to put into words how drinking such an incredible wine can make you feel. It was an experience that left me with in indescribable feeling of happiness, bliss, and peace.

Unfortunately the Grace Wine Company is sold out of the wine however I was lucky enough to get my hands on some at an online retailer in the Santa Barbara area. It retails for about $38 per bottle. Upon drinking the wine, I quickly went back for more and quite possibly wiped them out of it! This wine will indeed be very difficult to find, at this vintage anyway, however it’s so remarkable and special that I promise you it will be worth the effort. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this wine to you and look forward to tasting the next vintage when it is released. I also encourage you to visit the website and learn more about the wine and Angela Osborne’s story.

To happiness, bliss, and Grace!




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