Mollydooker 2010 The Maitre D Cabernet Sauvignon

Mollydooker is a term Aussies affectionately use for a left-handed person. In the world of wine, Mollydooker is a premier winery in Australia’s McLaren Vale owned by Sparky and Sarah Marquis, who both happen to be left-handed. Mollydooker was born in March 2006 out of Sparky and Sarah’s passion for making quality wines that will make you go “WOW” through their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Sparky and Sarah’s wines have received many honorable mentions. In 2006, The Wine Advocate named The Boxer (Shiraz) the Best Value Red Wine in the World. Their red blend, Two Left Feet was chosen as the second, and the Maitre D as the third. The only white wine that they produce, The Violinist was chosen as the Best Value White Wine in the World.

Their collection is known for their fun, bold wines. The collection is divided into three categories, The Lefty wines, The Party wines, and The Love wines. This blog post marks the first one in a series I will do on their current releases. I will start with the wines of The Lefty collection, followed by the wines of The Party collection, and concluding with the romantic wines of The Love collection.

The first wine up of the Lefty collection is the 2010 Maitre D Cabernet Sauvignon. The first order of business before tasting the wine is the Mollydooker Shake. No, this is not the latest dance move. This is what you want to do in order to prepare the wine to drink. This method is only to be done on Mollydooker red wines under two years of age. This method allows the nitrogen gas that is used to protect the wine from oxygen to be released. Now that I have taken care of business, on to the best part…tasting the wine!

This wine is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. In the glass it pours a deep, dark garnet color. Swirling the wine in the glass reveals the wine’s long, thick legs. Right away you know this wine is going to be a big one. The nose is full of fresh, ripe blueberry, raspberry, spice and coffee notes. Many complex flavors dance on the palate from dark cherry, to black licorice, while getting the barest hint of eucalyptus and oak. The finish is long and there is a wonderful hint of coffee on the finish. This Cabernet comes in at 15.5% alcohol so, yes it is indeed a powerful one, however it is definitely a balanced wine. This wine is perfect for a cold winter’s night where you will definitely want to pair it with hearty fare such as a big juicy New York steak smothered in sauteed mushrooms, which is what I did and it was pure heaven. It will also pair beautifully with lamb dishes or for those of you who happen to love chocolate, this wine also pairs great with it. I also enjoyed that particular pairing very much.

Every Mollydooker wine has its own unique, quirky, label which tells its own story. Sarah used her artistic flair to design the labels of the entire Mollydooker collection The Maitre D Cabernet has a whimsical picture of a Maitre D. This particular label signifies Sparky who put himself through winemaking college as a left-handed Maitre D.

This wine can be purchased directly from the Mollydooker website for $25 per bottle. It was delicious and I enjoyed it very much. I definitely recommend this wine as a delicious winter wine perfect for heavier dishes and hearty winter fare.



* This wine was provided as a media sample for review purposes


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2 Responses to Mollydooker 2010 The Maitre D Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. Janet Gawith says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. I’m visiting family for Christmas and we opened a 2006 Maitre D’ last night. It was incredible. So rich and round and intense. We had it with home made hamburgers and it was perfect. We love the freshness and the yumminess of the young wines so much that we drink them up pretty quickly, so we don’t have any 2006s left at the winery. Thinking we might have to start hiding a few away so we can experience them when they are older!

    Hope you, and all your followers, have a safe and very happy holiday season.

    janet (Sparky’s Mom)

    • Hi Janet!

      Thank you for the comments. I would be interested in purchasing some later on down the line for aging purposes. Would love to go back several years from now and taste them and compare notes from tasting them when they were young. Looking forward to tasting the rest of the new releases. Happy Holidays to you! Cheers!


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