Mollydooker 2011 The Violinist…Music To My Ears

Unlike a lot of wine drinkers, I continue drinking white wine straight through the winter months. It was a crisp winter afternoon and I was pondering (as always) what I would open. I was in the mood for white wine and one colorful bottle stood out from the rest…Mollydooker Wines 2011 The Violinist.

This wine is a continuation of tasting the wines of Mollydooker’s Lefty Wine collection. I am particularly excited about this wine because it is the only white wine Mollydooker makes. They are known for their powerful, bold Shiraz, Cabernets, and red blends so naturally this wine is a refreshing change of pace from their reds. The 2011 Violinist gets its name from the days when Sarah Marquis used to play the violin. She was forced to play the violin with her right hand to keep her from poking her neighbor in the eye with her bow, which I am sure her neighbor greatly appreciated!

The 2011 Violinist is made 100% from the Verdelho grape. Verdelho has its origin in Portugal though it is widely planted in Australia and also in various regions throughout the world. The wine pours a pale yellow color in the glass. The nose has lush tropical fruits with the barest hints of herbs and spice. The nose is very pleasant and perfume-like. It makes you want to keep sniffing the glass. The explosion of tropical fruits on the palate is intense. You get a lot of juicy pineapple and hints of mango. Flavors of crisp green apple, pear, ruby grapefruit, and lemon meringue were also abundant with a long, spicey finish. This is a full-bodied white wine and pairs beautifully with sea food dishes and pasta with cream sauces. I paired it with linguine with clams and scallops in a cream sauce. The acidity of the wine was a perfect compliment to the heavy sauce.

For this wine being the only white wine that they produce, it definitely did not disappoint. This wine is a great example of the wonderful, complex wines that Mollydooker produces. It would be interesting to see them produce other white wine varieties; perhaps a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Who knows. Maybe in the future?

This wine retails for $25 per bottle from the Mollydooker website. Many people throughout the past couple years have asked me where to locate Mollydooker wines near them. The best website to locate their wines in wine shops closest to you is Wine-Searcher. Their wines can always be ordered online through the Mollydooker Wines website. All orders within the United States ship via their Napa Valley warehouse.

I definitely enjoyed this wine and would recommend it, especially for people that may not really be into white wines because it is a heavier, bolder, white wine. I shared a glass with one of my cousins who does not even like white wine and she loved it and is willing to give other white wines a try now. It just goes to show you that it is always a good idea to have an open mind when it comes to tasting wine.

Happy sipping and until the next time friends!



* This wine was provided as a media sample for review.

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2 Responses to Mollydooker 2011 The Violinist…Music To My Ears

  1. Had this at the WBC, a previous vintage though, and remember it as really fun, friendly stuff. Glad to see they’re continuing the great work!

    • I am quite impressed with what I have tasted so far. Still have quite a few to get through but looking forward to it! This is really a great, interesting white wine. It would be really nice to see them producing more white wines someday. I know they just came out with a sparkling Shiraz that would be fun to try sometime. 🙂

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