Looking at the world through Rosé colored glasses

When I think of summer and the perfect wine that goes with it, I automatically think of Rosé. Summertime goes with Rosé, like peanut butter and jelly, or chocolate and Port, or bacon and maple bars. Anyway, you get the picture, right? Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy Rosé year-round. There’s just something about the springtime and summertime seasons that really make me enjoy it that much more.

I recently celebrated my birthday and had friends and family over to enjoy a lot of good food and wine. I anticipated the day when I would pull out all the wines that I wanted to open that day. I knew I wanted to open at least one Rosé. I remembered I had a bottle from one of my very favorite California producers, Cornerstone Cellars. It was sent to me by my friend Craig Camp of Cornerstone Cellars. I guess he remembered how much I adored the previous vintage and he assured me the 2011 was even better. Well, he was absolutely right.

Cornerstone Cellars Rosé comes from their Stepping Stone collection. The 2011 Stepping Stone Napa Valley Corallina Rosé is made from 100% Syrah. This Rosé is absolutely lovely in every manner possible. Even the name Corallina is lovely and feminine. The name Corallina means “coral” in Italian, which is in respect to the wine’s color. This wine is a Provencal style, dry Rosé. Fruit for this wine is sourced from Napa Valley’s Oak Knoll District. The wine is fermented in stainless steel and aged for five months in mature French oak barrels.

Cornerstone Cellars 2011 Stepping Stone Corallina Rosé

This wine is every bit as lovely as I remember and even more so. In the glass, the wine pours a gorgeous coral color. The wine has beautiful aromatics consisting of strawberries, white peach, melon, rose petals, and minerals. On the palate, there were juicy flavors of strawberry, rhubarb, grapefruit, and peach, with a hint of pepper and spice on the finish; all balanced out by crisp acidity. This wine has a lot of fresh, juicy fruit flavor and is very refreshing for a hot day. It paired well with all the tapas we were enjoying.

This wine was a hit at the party. Everyone who tried it absolutely loved it. One of my cousins who is strictly a red wine drinker, who has never tried a Rosé before, loved it instantaneously.

The Stepping Stone Corallina Rosé is one of several wines in the Stepping Stone collection. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting quite a few wines from the collection. If you do a search on my blog for Cornerstone Cellars or Stepping Stone, you will find the past posts for the other wines I’ve tried. The idea behind the Stepping Stone wines was for Cornerstone Cellars to go beyond the iconic Cabernets they produce and produce smaller batches of wines derived from varietals that inspire them. Every wine that I’ve tasted thus far from Cornerstone Cellars, from their Cabernets, to all the wines in the Stepping Stone Family, have been outstanding. Their wines are always consistently good.

The Stepping Stone Corallina Rosé sells for $20 per bottle on the winery’s website. I cannot say enough good things about this wine and HIGHLY recommend it. This is the perfect wine to have around for springtime and summertime picnics and parties or if you are like me, you will want to buy enough to have on hand all year long. I also recommend giving the other wines from the Stepping Stone collection a try. They are all fantastic and you will find something for everyone. For the Cabernet connoisseurs, you won’t want to miss trying the Cornerstone Cabernets. They are among some of the best that I have tasted. Give the wines a try, you will thank me!

Until the next time friends.



*This wine was provided as a media sample for review.


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