Fun Italian bubbles via Wine Passionate

Over the past several months, I have tasted some interesting, inexpensive wines sent to me by the folks over at Wine Passionate. In keeping with the Italian theme of the past wines they have sent me, I was recently sent a Prosecco to try. Everyone who knows me well, knows how much I adore my bubbles!

The Prosecco that was sent to me was a bottle of Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene DOCG – Riva Dei Frati. Prosecco is a wonderful sparkling wine to be enjoyed for any special occasion or for just when you are in the mood for some bubbles.

The name “La Riva Dei Frati” comes from a piece of land situated in the area of Col San Martino. The lands used to belong to the xv century Dominican Friars of San Nicolo from Treviso. La Riva Dei Frati is ideally situated on a hill for viticulture that is exposed to wind and sun which makes for truly fragrant Prosecco grapes.

Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene DOCG – Riva Dei Frati

This Prosecco pours a light straw color in the glass. These bubbles have lovely fruity aromatics. On the nose, there are aromas of Asian pears and citrus such as mandarin oranges, and zesty lemon with some minerality. The same notes you get on the nose carry onto the palate as well as nectarine and green apple. This dry Prosecco finishes long and clean, and is extremely refreshing.

These bubbles are perfect for any sort of celebration or for some afternoon summer sipping out by the pool. They are wonderful on their own or you can pair them with a variety of different foods from sushi to Curry dishes. For even more fun pairings, try pairing with potato chips or truffled popcorn. I paired these bubbles with potato chips. The saltiness of the chips paired well with the crispness and light fruitiness of the bubbles. This is definitely a sparkler you will have a lot of fun drinking and pairing foods with.

Currently, Wine Passionate has this Prosecco on sale for $18.50 on their website. Snatch up a couple bottles at this sale price to have on hand for celebrations or for lazy afternoons. Wine Passionate offers hundreds of wines imported directly from Italy, Argentina, and Chile at affordable prices. Check out their website for gift ideas for yourself or for the wine-lovers in your life.

Until the next time friends.



*This wine was provided as a media sample for review purposes.


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One Response to Fun Italian bubbles via Wine Passionate

  1. Joe says:

    Yes, I tried this Prosecco a couple of times in various restaurants and I totally adore it. It’s good for me to know where I can buy it . Thanks again

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