Take a ride on a roller coaster for your palate with Mollydooker’s 2010 Carnival Of Love

It has been a long time since I have tasted and written about Mollydooker Wines. Blame it on my busy work schedule, then having surgery, and being out in recovery-mode for a while. Excuses, excuses, I know. The time had come to re-visit Mollydooker’s iconic Shiraz, Carnival Of Love. Perhaps some of you remember my previous blog where I reviewed the 2009 Carnival Of Love. It made quite the impression. I had compared it to actress, Christina Hendricks; sexy, sassy, voluptuous, with a little bit of attitude. Well nothing there has changed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Christina Hendricks, she stars as Joan Holloway on the series Mad Men.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Sparkey and Sarah Marquis have been crafting Mollydooker wines in Australia’s famed McLaren Vale and spreading fun since 2006. They produce everything from their signature Shiraz as well as varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Verdelho, and even their latest sparkling Shiraz named, Miss Molly.

Carnival Of Love was named as a tribute to Sparkey and Sarah’s family as well as all the people who enjoy their wines and become friends. Sparkey and Sarah believe the wines bring everyone together.

Mollydooker 2010 Carnival Of Love

Mollydooker 2010 Carnival Of Love

One of the things I love most about Mollydooker wines is their colorful and whimsical labels on all of their wines. The labels are designed by Sarah. The Carnival Of Love label depicts jokers and people having the time of their life at a grand carnival. I remember how much I enjoyed the 2009 Carnival Of Love Shiraz; it was an experience. Will the 2010 compare? Let’s find out, shall we?

One of the first things you must do to gain full enjoyment of any Mollydooker red wine under two years of age is the Mollydooker Shake. Now, I know that it is now 2013 and this is a 2010 vintage wine, however, it was enjoyed late last year, therefore, the Mollydooker Shake was used.

Made from 100% Shiraz, in the glass, the wine pours a very deep purple color, almost black and has long legs when the wine is swirled in the glass. This is definitely a big wine. On the nose there are supple dark fruits such as blackberry, boysenberry, dark cherry, and blueberry. There are also hints of cedar, flower petals, baking spice, and vanilla. As always, there is a lot going on, on the palate. First you get a mouthful of juicy fruits like blackberry, blueberry tart, plumb, and raspberry. Then another layer of spice, fresh ground pepper, vanilla, and dark chocolate comes in. All of the flavors are balanced out by the acid of the wine. The wine finishes long with a hint of espresso. This is indeed a huge wine with a lot of complexity, yet its silky tannins make it easy to drink. You will definitely want to pair this wine with something as hearty as the wine itself, such as barbecued ribs, veal, meat stews, or lamb dishes. For the more adventurous person, try pairing it with some dark chocolate. I admit to doing this pairing once in a while.

This is still a very sexy and seductive wine that will take your palate on a roller coaster ride with all it has going on. I would be interested in cellaring a bottle of this wine and opening it up several years down the road to see how it stands up to age. For those of you familiar with Wine Spectator’s yearly publication of the Top 100 Most Exciting wines, the Mollydooker 2010 Carnival Of Love Shiraz made that list in 2012 at number 98 and has a score of 94 from The Wine Spectator.  You can purchase this wine on Mollydooker’s website for $90 per bottle.

Mollydooker has a great social media team in place and will keep you updated with all the latest news and releases on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to connect with them to be in the know.

Be sure to look out for my last blog post on the Mollydooker 2010 releases, featuring their famed 2010 Velvet Glove Shiraz. Until then, my friends.



*This wine was provided as a media sample for review purposes.


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2 Responses to Take a ride on a roller coaster for your palate with Mollydooker’s 2010 Carnival Of Love

  1. Janet Gawith says:

    Hey Monica, I have just lifted my head after bottling, and seen this fantastic review. Leigh told me about it because he LOVED the wording ‘a roller coaster for your palate’ in the title. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. Can you please drop me a line by email, so that I have your address, our last email to you bounced, and we are about to do a very special ‘Share the Love’ offer of the 2010 COL, which you might like to know about.

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